Happy Lyricist

Beauty like yours.

1st part

It felt so beautiful, watching you sleep.

Because you looked like my

Perfect night view.

I saw the ski come down for you,

And that’s when I realized why I liked

Staring at the moon.

Coz you’ve been my perfect 2 a.m view,

All this time.

2nd part

And I’ve never seen,

A beauty like this

beauty like yours,

You’re so beautiful oh you are,

my perfect view.

3rd part

When morning came,

I could hardly believe my eyes,

When I saw the birds bring you back.

Then it hit me, why every time

I was so obsessed with the morning light.

Why I liked the morning song,

Chirping birds and the melody we left on repeat.

Because you’ve been my perfect dawn,

all this time.

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