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1st part There’s too much to bear, and my body is shutting down slowly. Won’t let myself feel this pain, So I’ll let it cut deep inside me,  Let it

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I’ll get better.

1st part I’ll take time, to patch up my broken wings. I’ll let them heal, And let them grow. Learning how to fly again, Before I fly with you To

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Beauty like yours.

1st part It felt so beautiful, watching you sleep. Because you looked like my Perfect night view. I saw the ski come down for you, And that’s when I realized

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If I ever say goodbye

1st part If I ever say goodbye, Hold back your tears, and don’t stop looking up, you will hear my heart beating in the thunderclaps. And In a million raindrops,

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Take a moment of introspection, and look inside yourself. There are a lot of things you have to change.
Sited at the window sit

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See you’re holding your ticket,
My heart’s breaking as the door slums
Souls are wrecking as the brakes screech
Losing sight of you,

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