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If I ever say goodbye

1st part

If I ever say goodbye,

Hold back your tears,

and don’t stop looking up,

you will hear my heart beating

in the thunderclaps.

And In a million raindrops,

I’ll be the one, to fall and land on your cheeks.

Oh, how I wish,

you don’t wipe me off.

2nd part

And If you miss me,

Take a deep breath,

And I’ll be right here with you,

In so many ways.

All I hope is that your heart,

learns how to see mine in special ways.

3rd part

If I say goodbye,

Don’t forget about me.

And all the good times

Will come back to life,

If you hold on to the frozen memories.

So, before I can say goodbye,

Let me find ways, to leave

A piece of me with you.

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