Happy Lyricist


Take a moment of introspection, and look inside yourself. There are a lot of things you have to change.

1st part

Sited at the window seat,

And leaning my head where

The air smells like perfume, and

The music brings back every memory.

And with my eyes closed, I see it all.

All the bends I need to make straight,

So to see the light,

At the end of my tunnel.

2nd part

So I’ll go on my own,

Take a ride inside my shattered soul,

Where the roads are rough and rutted,

I’ll go and make things right.

let me go.

3rd part.

So here I am,

In the middle of all my slip-ups.

And from the highest point, I see it all.

All the mess that I’ve made

But I’ll make it all right,

On my own!

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